Tips for Towing In Winter Weather

Generally in the UK we always seem to be surprised by snow, and towing adds it's own special surprises for those who have to tow in such weather conditions.

Before setting out make sure you have plenty of fuel. If you encounter heavy snow It may be necessary to change routes or turn back.

Take the advice of the emergency and rescue services and keep a breakdown kit such as a shovel, torch, warning triangle, blanket and a high energy snack like a chocolate bar in your vehicle.

When towing in snow and icy conditions common sense must prevail.

One of the most important things is to plan your journey or if it is local then plan the route to your different destinations.

Check the weather forecast.

Where possible avoid unnecessary hill starts i.e. junctions or traffic lights on hills. Also try to avoid side streets with adverse cambers because a trailer will slide sideways because it doesn't have any drive wheels to create any traction.

If your vehicle or trailer goes into a skid, don't brake hard but take your foot off the accelerator and steer into the direction of the skid which will allow the vehicle to regain traction. Steer gently to maintain the traction.

Double or triple your stopping distances, especially when going down even the slightest incline because your trailer will only add to your weight reducing your grip on the road.

Anticipate the increased distances for manoeuvring around cyclists or allowing safe margins for pedestrians who are standing close to the kerb.

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Many thanks

Towing Solutions Safety Team