Reversing Assistant / Banksman Course

The aims of the Reversing Assistant / Banksman course is to outline the roles and responsibilities of the driver and the reversing assistant.

  • Raise awareness of the necessary communication between the driver and the reversing assistant.
  • Inform and demonstrate methods of best practice when carrying out vehicle manoeuvres both in restricted and public areas.
Reversing Assistant / Banksman Course

Course Details

Reversing Assistant Training for Health & Safety at Work

All vehicles have blindspots and a “Reversing Assistant” can help guide a driver in overcoming these.

Other people can easily walk into the blindspot of reversing vehicles, sometimes without understanding what is happening or realising the danger that they are putting themselves in.

A “Reversing Assistant” can be of the utmost importance when vehicles are being moved and the safety of people is the main consideration.

There may be other drivers who enter the area in which vehicles are being moved about. These drivers may be putting vehicles and other property or equipment at risk if not controlled.

It is fair to say then that a “Reversing Assistant” not only assists in moving a vehicle, but they also control the whole area in which the reversing takes place.
Whatever the size of a vehicle and no matter how good the driver is, there is always, due to the very nature of us as human beings, a risk. A real risk of being killed or seriously injured if hit by a moving vehicle.

Designed For

All operatives and people who need to work in restricted places amongst vehicles, trailers or mobile plant that require directing and manouevring i.e. Council and utilities personnel, yard personnel, site operators etc.


This is a ‘Hands on’ practical course using full interactive exercises which, if you require for familiarity can be given using your own vehicles and equipment to develop an awareness of the key skills required to guide and appreciate special awareness to a certificated standard.

NB: Dependant on delegate numbers this course can be delivered on-site at the delegates premises.

Reversing Assistant / Banksman Course


Course Content

  • Health & Safety
  • Simple and effective preparation routine
  • Planned instruction strategy
  • Clear hand signal procedure
  • Spacial awareness
  • Safe manoeuvring

Details & Costs

For course details and costs or if you want more information please contact our office on 01625 433 251 and we will be pleased to help you.

  • Single day course
  • Up to 10 delegates per course

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