Trailer Servicing Courses

Trailer Servicing & Maintenance courses certificated by the NTTA and the IMI. Accommodating all levels of experience, we provide a 2 day for beginners and a 1 day advanced. Call us on 01625 433251 for more info and bookings.

Trailer Servicing

Trailer Servicing - 2 Day Beginners

A professional two day training programme for beginners, certificated by the IMI and the NTTA. Delegates will learn the start to finish of servicing a trailer. Perfect for someone with little or no previous experience, who is keen to enter the industry. Combined with hands-on, practical activities, you will receive hints and tips to get you on your way to starting a career as a Trailer Servicing Technician.

Trailer Servicing

Trailer Servicing - 1 Day Advanced

This is a single day advanced training course certificated by the IMI and the NTTA. The course is for delegates with industry experience looking to broaden their existing knowledge wth a comprehensive course complete with practical exercises.

AWS Trailer Servicing Course

AWS Trailer Servicing Course - 1 Day Advanced

Towing Solutions and Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) 1 day advanced Trailer Servicing course. This is a certified single day training program that provides a combination of theory and practical workshop activities.