AWS Trailer Servicing Course - 1 Day Advanced

Towing Solutions and the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) offer this 1 day advanced Trailer Servicing course. A certificated single day training program that provides a combination of theory and practical workshop activities.

Delegates will be familiarised with all current makes and styles of braking systems and couplings. Identifying the different types of suspension, chassis design and running gear in use today. This will include gaining a deeper knowledge of component service and failure issues.

The practical workshop training covers all aspects of trailer maintenance including a relevant servicing regime, commissioning and adjusting auto-reverse brakes for AL-KO, Knott, BPW, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Loading and Securing Trailers Course

Course Details

The course fee includes certification, successful candidates will be certified as an Towing Solutions and AWS Trailer Servicing Technician.

To be eligible for this training you must be an AWS member and hold the following certificates: 

Electrical Test & Inspection and Caravan Service Award or AL-KO Chassis Training

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Trailer Servicing & Maintenance
Trailer Servicing & Maintenance
Trailer Servicing & Maintenance
Trailer Servicing & Maintenance