Towing Solutions Top Trailer Tips!

If the trailer will be standing for a length of time never leave the handbrake on – chock the wheels

Rocking/revolving the wheels a couple of inches will help prevent the trailer from seizing up

Don’t over grease the bearings as over greasing can push the rubber seal out or it could burst out.

Use a good quality grease

Check the expiry dates on your tyres as they have a life span of up to 7 years

Be careful when driving over potholes as you can get bent axles

Check your tyres aren’t worn

Mud guards can be damaged from hitting the kerb

Horsebox/cattle trailer:

Check the floor

Lift the rubber mats, if the floor is wooden check for rotting, if the floor is aluminium check for cracks

Take the rubber mat out when washing the inside

Check the running gear/ brakes

Check the side panels for rotting at the bottom

Ensure the ramp doors haven’t worn

Investigate wearing on the rear side of the trailer

Boat Trailers:

If taking the boat to the water let the trailer cool for ½ hour before emerging it into the water.

After a trailer being submerged in the sea it is advised to flush the brakes/running with fresh water, this will prevent the trailer from rusting

An option is to fit a flushing kit to the brakes if it’s a boat trailer

If the trailer will be standing for a length of time, it’s advised to raise the trailer so that the ttyres are off the ground. Use wooden blocks – not concrete or bricks as these can shatter/crumble

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