Caravan Towing

Had a great experience. The trainer Paul was excellent and took plenty of time to go through all the prep checks and answered my questions. The drive was very smooth and he took the time to chat about what I am looking to gain from the course and aimed it towards what I wanted to learn not a general overview. Instruction was very clear and concise which was great. Would definitely recommend in future.

James Broad

Caravan Towing


Caravan Towing

"Paul was fantastic... "

Melanie & John Charity

Trailer and Trailer Tent Towing

"Thank you very much for the training course. I found it helpful, informative and relevant for our needs, the relaxed but positive approach made me feel at ease, while the training tips given will make my training sessions easier to carry out while "

Tony Hasset, Driving Instructor

Trailer Servicing

"I thought the practical activities were very good. The training mock trailers were well thought of and at a good height to see and work with."

Ben Walton - A Plant

Caravan Towing

"Having just brought a large twin axle caravan, Towing Solutions were able to provide a half day course that offered just what I needed to gain the confidence and ability required to tow comfortably and itelligently."

David Watson, Nantwich

Trailer Safety & Awareness

"Trailer Safety & Awareness Course with Paul..."

Jake Warburton-Jones

Trailer Servicing

"Very well presented course."

Jim Snee - Heritage Lincolnshire