Caravan Towing

Booked a towing course to improve my confidence after 1 year of towing and also to tow with another caravan so I could feel what was normal and if my own caravan was towing well.

Started the day with a de-brief of towing principles and I found this very helpful as I could ask questions. Unlike the social media groups where the information you acquire can be a bit bias.

Next out for a drive and some manoeuvring which again was very helpful in understanding where the van is going.

Then back to the start for a chat and a few more Q and A’s

Money and time well spent.

John Ling

Caravan Towing


Caravan Towing

"Excellent training, cannot fault it, worth every penny. "

Rob & Jan Dixon

Loading & Securing Trailers

"Very informative course that covered most laws and general points on towing a trailer."

Fred Elwell, Dudley Council

Trailer Test

"Just to say thanks for the tuition, and getting me through the pass on the first asking!"

Graeme Boardman

Caravan Towing

"I felt I just wanted to send you a quick thank you to instructor Richard"

Iain Johnson

Caravan Towing

"Paul was fantastic... "

Melanie & John Charity

Trailer Servicing

"Having limited knowledge in trailers, I thought this course was very well put together."

Keith Pearce, Met Police London