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Towing Solutions are an approved training center for The Caravan Club Motorhome Manouvering Course and lessons are booked through the Caravan Club's website. The course is taught in groups of up to 4 and covers all the off-road elements to manouvering a motorhome.

Towing Solutions also offer motorhome lessons.  These are delivered on a one to one basis and cover all the off-road elements as well as taking you out on the road where the instructor will guide you through exercises such as controlled driving and positioning safely at junctions.  

*Gift vouchers are available*

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Motorhome Course

Driving your motorhome with confidence

Whether you are going away for the weekend or touring the country, knowing your towing law and feeling confident in manoeuvring your motorhome with and or without a trailer will enable you to arrive safely and enjoyably.

We all know driving can be a stressful experience. It is not just the manoeuvring of the motorhome or trailer itself, but the experience of driving on motorways and highways that can leave you exhausted and on edge at the end of your journey. We don’t believe it has to be like this. Our job is to ensure you drive with confidence and competence and arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to enjoy your time away.

Designed For

All motorhome owners - whether you are new to it and need to learn the practical and legal aspects or whether you are already experienced in driving motorhomes, but want to refresh your skills or target certain areas such as reversing with confidence.

The course includes both off-road and road-work training and is generally delivered on a one to one basis. We can train up to a group of four people at the same time, but we only do this when it is specifically requested. There is a discount for a two or more person's per training session.

Our courses are designed to suit you and while we provide a structured course for you to follow, if you need to focus on a particular area, we are happy to factor these requirements into the training.


This is a hands-on, practical driving course which you can take using your own motorhome and without or with a trailer. And if you don’t have a trailer yet or want some experience of towing before taking the plunge, Towing Solutions can offer a trailer to use with your motorhome.

So if you want to negotiate roads and junctions without stress reverse with confidence and be clear about relevant towing / driving law, this is the course for you.

A 4 hour course for 1 person or a 5 hour course for 2 people. Delegates are to bring their own motorhomes for the training.

Gift vouchers for our towing courses are available - please enquire.

To see training times/dates on offer, click here. If the date you require isn't listed, please get in touch and we can check our calendar for availability. 


Course Content

  • Health & Safety
  • Relevant towing law
  • Simple and effective pre-towing inspection routine
  • Hitching up – team & solo
  • Safe loading and noseweights
  • Snaking and instability control
  • Reversing
  • Safe manoeuvring

Details & Costs

For course details and costs or if you want more information please contact our office on 01625 433 251 and we will be pleased to help you.

  • 1/2 Day course 1 delegate (4 hours)
  • Full Day course 2 delegates (5 hours)

Club Discounts

Are you a member of The Camping & Caravanning Club or The Caravan Club? If so contact us now with your membership number to claim your club member discount.


"Booked a towing course to improve my confidence... Money and time well spent."
"I felt I just wanted to send you a quick thank you to instructor Richard"
"After taking the plunge and buying our first caravan we wanted to ensure that we would feel safe and confident getting it from A to B. We had never towed before so it was a very daunting prospect and we were both keen to have some tuition."