Towing Courses - Reversing

If you use a trailer to tow a quad bike, motorbike or are using it for gardening and removal of DIY waste and you find it a struggle to manoeuvre - this is the towing course for you.

Surprisingly the smaller the trailer, the harder it is to reverse. So here is a tip to help you when reversing your trailer.

Start by drawing forward until the car and trailer are in a straight line.  Place your hands on the steering wheel with your thumbs pointing upwards.  If you want the trailer to move to the right, push your left hand thumb to the right on the steering wheel and if you want the trailer to move to the left, use your right hand thumb to push the steering wheel to your right.

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Revesring a Trailer

Reversing Course

Reversing with Confidence

If you are happy towing your trailer, caravan or horsebox but cannot get the knack of reversing then this is the course for you.

Designed For

All drivers who would like to learn how to reverse a trailer, caravan or horsebox. If you are from an organisation or company we have a separate certified course Trailer Safety & Awareness


A half day practical 'hands on' driving course is dedicated to raising your confidence in the art of reversing and manoeuvring your trailer, caravan or horsebox. You will learn how to reverse around corners, straight back and stop in a safe distance at a kerb or wall. Towing Solutions have a boxed trailer you can use and a vehicle available to hire if required.

A 4 hour course for 1 person or a 5 hour course for 2 people. We have vehicles available for hire if required. We provide a caravan or trailer for the training.

Gift vouchers for our towing courses are available - please enquire.

To see training times/dates on offer, click here. If the date you require isn't listed, please get in touch and we can check our calendar for availability. 


Course Content

  • Health & Safety
  • Simple and effective pre-towing inspection routine
  • Hitching up – team & solo
  • Controlled reversing and safe manoeuvring

Details & Costs

For course details and costs or if you want more information please contact our office on 01625 433 251 and we will be pleased to help you.

  • 1/2 Day course 1 delegate (4 hours)
  • Full Day course 2 delegates (5 hours)


"Thought you might like some feedback on our experience of our four hour caravan towing course on 11th July. Firstly would you please pass on our thanks to our instructor Nigel."