Towing Courses - Trailers

Tips on Towing Trailers

  • Secure any load in the trailer and make sure it cannot move when you are braking or rounding corners.
  • Don’t place heavy loads behind the axle as this may cause the trailer to have a ‘negative’ nose weight and could result in snaking which is not only very dangerous for you, but for other road users too.
  • Check the tyre pressures meet the manufacturer's specification. Incorrect tyre pressures can make a trailer unstable and difficult to tow and in addition creates bad fuel economy.

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Towing Courses - Trailers

Course Details

Towing your Trailer with Confidence

When we tow a trailer, we need extra vigilance, knowledge and skills in order us to tow safely and within the law.

Towing a trailer can be a tricky business, particularly if you have to reverse into bays or manoeuvre in tight spaces. Our instructors are experienced in delivering hands-on practical training and they will give you the tools and the confidence for stress free towing and manoeuvring.

Designed For

All trailer users - whether you are new to towing and need to learn the practical and legal aspects related to this area or whether you already have towing experience, but want to refresh your skills or target certain areas such as reversing.

This course includes both off-road and road-work training and generally delivered on a one to one basis. We do offer group sessions with a maximum of ten delegates when requested.

Our morning or afternoon courses are designed to suit your needs and while we provide a structured training session for you to follow, if you need to focus on a particular area, we are happy to factor these requirements into the training.


This is a hands-on, practical driving course which you can undertake using your own car and trailer. And if you don't have a trailer yet or want some experience before you take the plunge, Towing Solutions has both a trailer for you to use and vehicle for you to hire if required.

So if you want to negotiate roads and junctions without stress, reverse with confidence and be clear about relevant towing law, this is the course for you.

A 4 hour course for 1 person or a 5 hour course for 2 people. Delegates will use our vehicle and our trailer for the training.

Looking for a unique present? Gift vouchers for our towing courses are available - please enquire.

Trailer Towing Courses