Towbar Technician 3 Day Course

Due to the Covid-19, these courses have been on hold. We are hoping they will commence again in August 2020.

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Towing Solutions Advanced Towbar Fitting & Wiring Course is Certified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) and the NTTA (National Trailer & Towing Association)

This 3 day certificated Towbar Technician course provides a comprehensive introduction to towbar fitting using a proven structure. It addresses the relevant disciplines needed to be a Towbar Technician.


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Course Details

Towbar Technician

The Towbar Technician Course is for people who are interested in being a towbar fitter.

Being a Towbar Technician is a varied, interesting and profitable career.  You will be working with all types of vehicles including the latest models coming out of the showroom.

Having the correct training is absolutely essential.  To be a towbar technician you must have a broad based knowledge that combines vehicle mechanics, auto-electrics, basic diagnostics and commercial bodybuilding which means understanding the different vehicle systems, working with complex vehicle trim and using the latest types of electrics. Knowing potential risk areas and the knowledge to work with them is a key skill that all towbar fitters should be armed with to save time and unnecessary costs.

This course provides a comprehensive structured framework for high standard towbar fitting and wiring disciplines. You will complete a course that addresses relevant automotive electrical theory, CANbus and bulb failure systems, vehicle management system coding, tools & equipment, best practice in towbar fitting, troubleshooting & fault analysis and the safety issues surrounding vehicle and work place preparation.

Towing Solutions Limited is the Leading Towing Industry Training Organisation in the UK.  This course is certificated by the IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) and the NTTA (National Trailer & Towing Association) 

Towbar Technician
Towbar Technician
Towbar Technician
Towbar Technician

Special Features

  • This course will enable you to comply with the latest towing regulations and work efficiently to industry standards.
  • It gives you a complete guide on what would be the right towbar and electrics for you to install.
  • There will be a “hands on” demonstration of a towbar fitting and electrical system installation to help you understand the full process and fault finding.
  • Course notes which include useful templates to keep you up to date on your paperwork.


The course is set over three days at our training facility in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Accommodation not included. A light lunch and refreshments are provided. Maximum 4 delegates per course.


Successful delegates will be awarded an industry recognised NTTA and IMI certificate valid for 3 years. We will give you the tools to be confident and competent at fitting towbars.

Trailer Servicing, Maintenance & Troubleshooting


Course Content

  • Introduction to the latest towing and towbar regulations and an overview of relevant towing law.
  • Workshop equipment, safety and good working practices.
  • Understanding uses of Cables, Connectors, fuses, relays
  • 12N, 12S & 13pin types of installations
  • Towbar Technician’s Tools & Equipment. 
  • Practical exercise of a towbar fitting, including handling the bumpers and removing trim and installation of the towbar.    
  • Practical exercise of a towbar electrical installation
  • Vehicle checks for CANbus and bulb failure systems.
  • Practical exercise in coding a vehicle management system for towing.
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting.
  • Customer warranties and paperwork.

All delegates who have completed our courses are listed on the NTTA National Skills Register.

Details & Costs

For course details and costs or if you want more information please contact our office on 01625 433 251 and we will be pleased to help you.

  • 3 day course max 4 delegates

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"Thank you to Nigel and all the team, at Towing Solutions, for the Towbar Technician training course I attended recently, well structured, knowledgeable staff with plenty of hands on experience and expert advice, have given me an invaluable starting point"
"I feel this course was very beneficial for me."
"The practical activty was very useful as it gave me an insight into the problems that you can come up against with fitting towbars to older vehicles and the problems there in."